How to Decorate Your Planner: Erin Condren Planner Stickers (Nap Time Spread)


Today I’m using this adorable Nap Time Erin Condren Planner sticker kit from Glam Planner! This is my first live Plan With Me and that you so much for watching! I’m so excited to be using these cute Erin Condren stickers for this weeks spread, especially because I’m sick this week and the theme of the spread is super appropriate!

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DIY Essential Oil Blends and Recipes for Back to School

Did you know that fragrances and perfumed in beauty products don’t have to show the full list of ingredients, which may contain chemicals that have been linked to allergic reactions and hormone imbalances?

Now that I’ve sufficiently scared you, I want to introduce essential oils, which are a safe and natural alternative.

The best part? Essential Oils are super affordable and versatile. You can mix them with a variety of ingredients and create a myriad of beauty and household products that smell delicious and are totally safe for you and your family (and your pets if you’re a fur mama like me).

Enter Simply Earth, who kindly sent me their Essential Oil recipe box to try out and review for you. Use the link HERE and the coupon code TEPHWILLIAMSFREE for a $40 gift card and free essential oil (see below for details).

The timing was perfect because I was thinking about trying essential oils as a natural alternative anyway. My sister has been a fan for years and it seemed the right way to go.

You can buy essential oils at practically any natural grocery store, but Simply Earth, is a great option because the essential oils are super affordable and their subscription box comes with essential oils PLUS practically everything you need to create some awesome, natural recipes!

You can choose to receive the box monthly or quarterly and each box is themed to the season. For example, the box they sent me is back to school themed and the recipes are all about focusing and de-stressing (which is perfect for pretty much anyone, not just people going back to school).

The recipes included in this video are:

  • Rise and shine diffuser blend
  • Do your homework diffuser blend
  • Get Focused Roll-On
  • Immune Boosting Inhaler
  • Backpack Freshener
  • Stress Relieving Dough Ball

You can of course make any of these recipes with items you have at home, Simply Earth just makes it super easy (and did I mention addordable?).

Note: this is the August Simply Earth box, so the box is no longer available. If you don’t want to miss out in future make sure to subscribe for future boxes!




***Use code TEPHWILLIAMSFREE to get a $40 gift card or a free oil (below $10).
To get the $40 gift card, you have to subscribe on the box then type the code TEPHWILLIAMSFREE and enter your email. IMPORTANT: DO NOT INCLUDE ANYTHING ELSE ON THE CART. The $40 gift card will be sent to the email you provided after you have paid for the subscription box. You can use the $40 gift card to purchase anything from the website including the $29.99 diffuser.
To get the free oil, choose the oils that you want then type the code TEPHWILLIAMSFREE and enter your email. It will then take off $10 from the total amount.***
DISCLOSURE: This is not a sponsored post, but it does contain affiliate links for Simply Earth. All opinions are my own.
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Makeup Brush Set: Royal and Langnickel Guilty Pleasures “Wrath” Brush Wrap Review

In this video you will get a close-up look at the Royal and Langnickel Guilty Pleasures Wrath Brush Set. This full-sise brush set comes in it’s own brush roll, which makes it the perfect travel brush set for the makeup enthusiast. I have used this brush set when traveling to Las Vegas and VidCon in LA and the brushes deliver great color, blend well and don’t shed like other affordable brush sets.


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What if you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life? | Ask Teph #3

What if I could only use one makeup product for the rest of my life? Say it isn’t so!

As a makeup junkie I can’t choose just one, it would be blasphemous….

You mean I have to?



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Skin Care Tips: Easy tips for clear skin | Ask Teph

In this video I share my skin care tips and routine for simple things I do to take care of my skin. Ever time I start to break out I go back to these two tips and my skin is clear in a matter of days.

Please comment down below if you are interested in my entirely skincare routine.


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Best YouTubers Ever?: My favorite channels | Ask Teph

Who is the best YouTuber? Today I’m answering Nicole C’s question and telling you my favorite YouTubers of right now and all time! She actually just asked who my favorite YouTuber was, but there are so many I couldn’t pick just one!

This video is part of my new series, Ask Teph! Lease your questions about pretty much anything (advice, youtube, questions about me) in the comments and you could be featured on a future episode.


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Makeup Giveaway | Back to School 2017 (OPEN)


I’ve been planning this giveaway for a month, and I’ve wanted to do it for even longer. So it might surprise you that I procrastinated and filmed, edited and uploaded the video today. Oops!

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