L’Oreal True Match Super Bendable Makeup

I have a confession: I’m broke. And as a beauty lover, that can be really tough because I really miss being able to try out new awesome products as they come out.

There is a silver lining, though. Being broke has forced me to dig into my collection and start using products that weren’t getting that much love. I think of it kinda like a project 10-pan…with no end in sight. Muah haha! Just kidding. 😉

Despite the reason, I’ve discovered, and re-discovered, some awesome products in my collection that I want to share with the world!

I’m going to start out with one of my new favorites: L’Oreal True Match Super Bendable Makeup (foundation)!

L'Oreal True Match in Soft Ivory n1

L’Oreal True Match in Soft Ivory n1

I discovered a half-full bottle of the L’Oreal True Match foundation a month ago and I can’t believe I ever stopped using this stuff. I just use my clean fingers to apply it to my face and add another layer if I want a little more coverage and finish off with concealer and powder. But it’s the wear that really impresses me. Let’s just say that the texture of my skin isn’t ideal, so if a product doesn’t wear well it just brings out the bad texture as the day goes on. Not only did this foundation wear well, but it stayed on all day while I was running around a convention in the heat which is a lot more then I expected. It also has SPF 17 and is oil free!

The other huge perk to The L’Oreal True Match foundation is the color selection, which I’m assuming wont be a surprise to anyone who is familiar with the line. There are a total of 33 shades of this foundation, with a choice of cool, medium or warm undertones. I wear soft ivory n1 (the lightest shake with a neutral undertone), and as someone who is super pale I definitely appreciate the color selection on the light end of the spectrum.

The foundation comes in a 1.0 FL OZ/300ml glass bottle.  I guess some people might not like the glass, but I don’t really have an opinion one way or another. I also don’t mind that it doesn’t have a pump.

The price seems to vary a lot depending on where you purchase it. I’ve seen it online for around $7-11, but I seem to remember paying closer to $13 for mine in the store. So remember to shop around!


About Teph Williams

I'm a 28-year-old makeup, beauty and planner lover. I live in Portland, OR with my two kitties, Coco and Opal. I run a lifestyle YouTube channel and planner sticker shop on Etsy called Coco and Opal Design.
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