Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection Review

I’ve asked myself many a time why I’m just now jumping on the contouring bandwagon. At first I deluded myself into thinking I could contour with the warm-toned bronzes I already owned, then I put it off because the high end contour kits were a little more of an investment then I could make at the time. Right around the time I got a new job and suddenly had money for high-end makeup again I took a contouring class at Sephora (for free, check with your local Sephora to see if they offer it) and fell in love with the way contouring made my face look.

Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not a professional here. I test of a lot of makeup, but the Too Faced Cocoa Contour palette is my first (and at the time of writing this, only) contour kit so I don’t have a ton to compare it so. I’ve sampled a couple other contour products at Sephora, but that’s about it. I’m also not super precise when I contour…because I’m usually either rushing or lazy.

So, finally on to the actual product review. Simply put, I love it! I’ve been a fan of Too Face’s cocoa line for a while (who doesn’t love smelling chocolate while doing their makeup in the morning?) and this palette doesn’t disappoint. All four colors have good pigmentation and there is more then enough variation in the colors so that I don’t feel like they are redundant.

I primary use light cocoa and medium cocoa on a daily basis. Light Cocoa unfortunately matches my founation fairly well, but as my foundation fades throughout the day and the redness in my skin comes out it helps provide a little highlighting. Medium cocoa is just amazing and is a perfect contour color of my pale skin. Dark Cocoa has a warmer undertone so I usually use it as a normal bronzer when I want that look. Since I am so pale, it’s not something I can pull off everyday, but it’s definately nice carefully layered on on it’s own without medium cocoa on non-contour days. Pop of Light is pretty, but a little too glittery for my taste. I usually wear it under my setting powder to dull the shimmer a bit, and like that it’s a perfect highlighter.

The angled brush the comes with the kit is wonderful for applying all of the shades, and is the perfect balance between a soft and firm enough to give control. I usually end up using it for all of the colors in the kit, working light to dark, and spot clean (or sometimes just brush off the extra, I’m being honest here) in between uses.

The inclusion of 4 colors as well as a brush is one of the big reasons why I bought this kit. A lot of the other highlight/contour kits at a similar price point had 2 or 3 colors and not all of them had a brush. Getting all 4 AND the brush is a great value…plus is smells like chocolate.

Overall, I would give this set 4.5/5 stars, just because Pop of Light is too glittery for my taste. Otherwise it’s a fantastic highlighting and contouring set and I would definately recommend it to anyone looking to try out contouring, or maybe just wanting to experiment with other products.

Also check out my video review!

Click here to go to the Cocoa Contour page on the Too Faced website for more info or to buy it!

I bought the Too Faced Cocoa Contour palette myself. I am not affiliated with Too Faced, all opinions are my own. You know me, if I get a products for free to review I always tell you about it.

About Teph Williams

I'm a 28-year-old makeup, beauty and planner lover. I live in Portland, OR with my two kitties, Coco and Opal. I run a lifestyle YouTube channel and planner sticker shop on Etsy called Coco and Opal Design.
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