6 Tips for Networking at GenBeauty

It can be exciting and also scary going to an event to network, especially if it’s your first time networking at similar events. Believe me, I was there. I used to do publicity for an anime convention and I was still nervous the first time I went to GenBeauty. I was so unsure what to expect that I wasn’t even sure if I should bring business cards! Lucikly I did, and I was able to take my past experience in the Anime and Comic Con world and apply it to the unique beast that is GenBeauty. So after three times at GenBeauty, here are my tips.

By the way, if you haven’t ready read my post on 7 GenBeauty Tips make sure to check it out. The info in there is definately from more of an attendee perspective but it’s still very useful.

1. Business Cards – I know, I already mentioned business cards. I can’t believe I didn’t think pretty much every creator at brand rep at GenBeauty would have them, but they do. So if you don’t already have yours, get them ASAP! Most office stores offer same-day printing on single-sided business cards. If you have double sided business cards and a little more time on your hands I’d head to Staples. Of the big printers, I’ve found them to have the best prices. In face, I got 1,000 glossy business cards rush printed and shipped overnight for the price it would have taken me to get 100 business cards printed next day at my local print shop.

2. Have Your Elevator Speech Ready – When you introduce yourself you better have a short description of what you do ready. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just locked and ready to go. My opener is super simple, so feel free to steal it. “Hi, my name is Teph and I make makeup and beauty videos….” and then I launch into whatever is appropriate for that particular interaction. Am I meeting someone in line? “Please check out my YouTube channel!” Introducing myself to a brand rep? “I absolutely love your products, do you have anything new I should know about?” or “do you mind if I film a clip for my vlog?”. Also have a slightly longer description of what your channel is about ready.

3. Have a Goal – Are you there to network with other creators? Brand networking? Passing out your business card? All of the above? It doesn’t matter what it is, just know what your goal is. If you don’t have a goal, or have too broad of a goal, then you’ll flounder around and never actually get much done. Speaking of which…

4. Know What You Want From Brands – GenBeauty is a unique opportunity to meet brand representatives face-t0-face and make an impression. But it doesn’t stop there. Are you there to get new products to try? Do you want to collaborate with brands on potential videos or sponsorships? Do you want to make great connections that can open other doors? What do you plan to do with the connections once you leave GenBeauty? Know all of this ahead of time so you can manage your brand interactions. There will be a lot of other girls there wanting to talk to the social media manager of X brand, so make your time count!

5. Make Use of Your Time in Lines – As I mentioned in 7 GenBeauty Tips, there will be a lot of waiting in lines. This doesn’t have to be wasted time. Use your line time as downtime to tweet or share photos on Instagram. It’s also a great opportunity to meet people. I’ve met a lot of awesome people in lines, including other creators or brand representatives that were managing the lines themselves. At GenBeauty NYC I even had a friend hold my place in line while I passed out business cards to every other girl in line, and then I held her spot while she did the same. Line time is not wasted time anymore!

6. Choose Your Meetups Wisely – Opportunities to meet your favorite YouTubers don’t come around every day, I get that. I also get that the lines to meet the creators at GenBeauty are usually pretty long (as in 30-60 minutes minimum). Seeing as the main GenBeauty event is only 10 hours long, it’s kind of important to pick and choose what meetups you go to. I would recommend picking 2 or 3 YouTubers who you really want to meet, otherwise you won’t have any time for networking.

Well that’s it, my 6 Tips for Networking at GenBeauty! Make sure to check out 7 GenBeauty Tips and GenBeauty Booths with the Best Free Products.


About Teph Williams

I'm a 28-year-old makeup, beauty and planner lover. I live in Portland, OR with my two kitties, Coco and Opal. I run a lifestyle YouTube channel and planner sticker shop on Etsy called Coco and Opal Design.
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