GenBeauty Booths with the Best Free Products

Raise your hands, who goes to GenBeauty and isn’t excited for all the free products they’ll get to try. No one? I thought so.

Having a plan of attack at GenBeauty is super important, or you’ll get stuck in a 3-hour line like I did my first year at the Bare Minerals booth. Don’t get me wrong, some products are worth standing in line for. Some not so much…

This list is based on the brands that are going to be at GenBeauty LA 2016 and my knowledge of what they’ve done at their booths in the past. I have no inside info, just my own experience. If you have something to add, please do so in the comments!

  • Benefit – Benefit usually gives away something small like a sample sized Gimme Brow or They’re Real Liner. I’ve also seen them do small services, like filling in brows.
  • Makeup Up For Ever – At GenBeauty NYC 2015 Make Up For Ever gave away full sized foundations and custom engraved your name on the bottle if you wanted. Pretty cool!
  • NYX – NYX seems to go back and forth between giveaways and no giveaways. If they are doing a giveaway it’s usually something smaller, like a lip gloss, and your probably better off hitting them at the end of the say on Sunday.
  • Smashbox – Smashbox was probably one of my favorite booths at GenBeauty LA 2015. They gave away 2 full sized gel liners, did makeup touchups, had a photographer there to do professional head shots and had a photo booth to boot!
  • Tarte – I love Tarte as a brand, but unless you get to the Tarte booth right as they open you probably wont get any free products. They go really fast and Tarte doesn’t bring enough for even a fraction of the attendees. Tarte does have some great sales on their products, so hit this booth up if you want to do some shopping!
  • Too Faced – At GenBeauty LA 2015 Too Faced did color matching and gave away a free full sized foundation! On top of that the line moved a lot faster then the other lines to get color matched and get a free foundation. I don’t know what Too Faced was doing, but it worked!
  • Ardel – Free lashes, but getting there early wont give you any advantage.
  • City Color – If I remember correctly city color was giving away something small, if anything at all.
  • Crown Brush – Crown brush doesn’t give away products at their booth, but you will get something from them in your swag bag. They do have some great deals on their products, though.
  • Dermae – At both GenBeauty LA and NYC 2015 Dermae was doing free skin consultations with a dermatologist, which included using a imaging machine to see what’s going on under your skin. Then they gave away tons of samples for whatever your skin problems were. Way cool, and a similar scan would cost a lot at a dermatologist.
  • Langie – I don’t remember Langie giving away anything specific at their booth in the past.
  • Ofra – at GenBeauty NYC 2015 Ofra was giving away either liquid lipsticks or lip glosses. And I managed to snag a couple at the end when they had extras
  • Belif – Belif if my new favorite skincare brand! I’m pretty sure they were giving away a pack of deluxe samples at GenBeauty NYC, but I don’t remember exactly what was in it.
  • Essence – I love Essence as a brand, but they weren’t giving away anything at GenBeauty NYC 2015, only selling products at a discount.

What brand(s) are you most excited to see at GenBeauty?

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About Teph Williams

I'm a 28-year-old makeup, beauty and planner lover. I live in Portland, OR with my two kitties, Coco and Opal. I run a lifestyle YouTube channel and planner sticker shop on Etsy called Coco and Opal Design.
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