What if you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life? | Ask Teph #3

What if I could only use one makeup product for the rest of my life? Say it isn’t so!

As a makeup junkie I can’t choose just one, it would be blasphemous….

You mean I have to?



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Skin Care Tips: Easy tips for clear skin | Ask Teph

In this video I share my skin care tips and routine for simple things I do to take care of my skin. Ever time I start to break out I go back to these two tips and my skin is clear in a matter of days.

Please comment down below if you are interested in my entirely skincare routine.


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Best YouTubers Ever?: My favorite channels | Ask Teph

Who is the best YouTuber? Today I’m answering Nicole C’s question and telling you my favorite YouTubers of right now and all time! She actually just asked who my favorite YouTuber was, but there are so many I couldn’t pick just one!

This video is part of my new series, Ask Teph! Lease your questions about pretty much anything (advice, youtube, questions about me) in the comments and you could be featured on a future episode.


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Makeup Giveaway | Back to School 2017 (OPEN)

ENTER TO WIN OVER $300 IN MAKEUP HERE: http://bit.ly/2fkIQ1n

I’ve been planning this giveaway for a month, and I’ve wanted to do it for even longer. So it might surprise you that I procrastinated and filmed, edited and uploaded the video today. Oops!

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Natasha Denona Palette 8 Review

Eye products are my favorite makeup…which was why I was so excited to try Natasha Denona shadows. They have a high price tag, but are supposed to be super luxurious. Are they? Let’s see!


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Erin Condren French Chic Printable Plan With Me | VEDA Day 4

It’s the weekend, so it’s time for another Plan With Me video in my Erin Condren LifePlanner!

This month my planner is really traveling to France or something…first I have my Paris and macaron themed monthly spread, then French Chic weekly spread featuring stickers from PaperCrownPlanner. It was a total accident, I just choose what looked pretty! haha!

Fun Fact: I had this video pre-edited and was planning to post it on Sunday, August 6th. I posted it early because I didn’t have anything for August 4th. It was about 10:30 PM when I was doing the thumbnail and I’d been up since 6am, so I was just ready for bed. I thought about putting a fashion-type item or picture of the Eiffle tower in the upper left corner, but ultimately got too lazy and kept the macarons from my August PWM. I may end up switching that out later…we’ll see.


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Staying Motivated as a YouTuber | VEDA Day 3

I forgot to do a vlog post the other day after the lifestream. Oops!

BeautyBySherrie asked how to stay motivated as a YouTuber and it’s a great question because I think everyone struggles with motivation from time to time. Especially us small YouTubers who have dreams of building a bigger channel someday. It can feel like nothing is ever moving fast enough and the work is pointless for the reward. So not true…but it feel like that sometimes.

Today I share my thoughts on how I stay motivated.

I’m also planning to do another video talking about specific action steps you can take to stay motivated as a YouTuber (or anything else)!



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